Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week I am saying, So what!:

- To the fact that I have killed an entire giant bag of M&M's, Starburst Jellybeans (the inventor of those is a genius), and a row of thin mint cookies in a little over a week. If I keep this up after my marathon training you will have to grease the doors to get me out of the go to the dentist office.

-If I eat Cheetos with my sandwich and Isabelle eats an orange with hers and when she wants a Cheeto I tell her it's, "yucky". I don't want her picking up on my bad eating habits.

-If I just realized that this post makes me seem like I need a junk food intervention. I generally eat pretty healthy. Minus the sweets and chips. And there are kind of a lot of sweets and chips. Whoops.

-If I hate "spring forward". I don't care if it stays light later. I hate getting up and it being pitch black outside. Plus, I don't mind it getting darker earlier. Mama likes to go to bed with the blue hairs. 

-I'm dying to start reading the Hunger Games, but from what I hear it's rather addicting. I annoy myself when I read, because that's all I want to do and think about. Not kidding, I talked A LOT about Harry Potter (and maybe in a British voice) and vampires when I was reading Twilight.  

-I am a little embarrassed to admit that I read Twilight now. The movies are sooo bad and Bella is such a weak girl (Unlike Hermione...oh Hermione. You're so awesome).  

-I am ONE month away from THE Boston Marathon and I can get myself so worked up about it that I give myself IBS. I am so stinkin nervous!

-I told you I am getting a tattoo when we go to Boston, but I am not going to tell you what I am getting in case I chicken out. Maybe I'll just get the whole earth!....Any Phoebe fans from friends? Hello..hilarious episode.

-If my running partners don't talk, but still crack me up. They're quite possibly the best looking running group I've come across:
What are you saying SO WHAT! to this week?


Bethany said...

you MUST read Hunger Games….I said MUST! If you don't like weak girl's you'll LOVE Katniss…and yes…it's all I could think about for weeks. : ) Join the obsession…you won't regret it!

Laura said...

okay, you are a much better mama than me. G just shares my cheetos!! I eat them almost every day. BAD MAMA!

Brandy said...

Read Hunger Games!! It's awesome and I'll be glad if you talk about it a lot. Plus you've got a strong heroine (unlike Bella) that you can root for. I was obsessed with HP for forever and still read Deathly Hallows whenever I feel like I'm having withdrawals. As for twilight, I read the books, but to be honest, I mainly watch the movies to look at Rob Pattinson! :) Ha!