Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Embrace the Camera} March 8th


I promise your kids don't care that you're wearing the same outfit as yesterday or your hair isn't perfect (and even if they do, take a picture anyways. It's natural for kids to be embarassed of their parents). Get IN that picture with them and embrace it!

Me and my lovely lady on a Sunday afternoon park trip. She's obviously very enthused that we are taking pictures instead of playing on the swing.


ShanMall said...

Sweet! She's adorable!!

Erin said...

Just beautiful.

And? You have 100 followers now!! No more singing Jay-Z i guess :)

Très bien said...

You all are so cute!! Love your outfit :]
visiting via "embrace the camera"
Très bien

emily anderson said...

haha, she is definitely enthused.

glad you joined us mama!

The Popes said...

I love that you are both wearing ruffle shirts! I subconsciously dress my daughter like me all the time! Usually don't notice until I look at pictures!

MnM said...

Love your top and the pic is adorable!