Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Pics

Time to sum up our week in pictures:
 Cuddle time at the park with my niece. I told you her and Izzy are WORLDS apart. Izzy barely acknowledges me at the park.
 After a long day playing outside, Daddy's hugs are the best.
Scratch cream is the best.
So excited for a mani pedi day!
Picnic time! (Yes, my lunch is the one with the Cheeto's and Sunchips).

The weather has been amazing so we have spent just about every second outside. It's pretty warm for March, but I'll take it. My running has been going well, but I am a little concerned that this time next month when I run, The Boston Marathon it will be hot. 65 degrees is too hot to run a fast marathon....or at least for me. This time last year, I ran a marathon in Dallas and it was 68 degrees at the start. I stopped at mile 16 because I got heat exhaustion. I was nursing then so my body was already in over drive, but it is still too hot for me to run that long and that fast. So here's to hoping it's nice and cool up there!
Last weekend marked my last 20 miler and I am so glad to have that over with. As much as it makes me sound like a nut job, I only have to run 16 miles this weekend and that feels like it should be a breeze. Hopefully my Jayhawks win tonight so I don't have to run 16 miles while angry. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK! If you have them going all the way in the tournament...we should be besties.


ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post new follower! :)

Jamie said...

New follower! Your adorable and so is your daughter. We blog similar and Gooooo Jayhawks!!!!! Take a peak at my blog if you have time and stay a while:)