Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adventures in Running

With the fall weather out in full effect, my runs have consisted of being completely in the dark. I start at around 6am and am done by 7am without seeing sunlight. This has made my runs more interesting in very different ways.
 First, I have probably thought I saw or heard a serial killer around every turn in my neighborhood. Serial killers enjoy a good jog at 6am right? They also are 70 year old couples walking golden retrievers right? These days, they're so sneaky with their tricky identities. Because of my wild imagination, I have had to stop watching scary, suspenseful shows like Criminal Minds only adding to my weird thoughts and sleepless nights. I have always been a fan of suspense shows. When I was little I used to LOVE to watch Unsolved Mysteries, but I was too scared to watch it alone, so I would recruit my mom to watch it with me. The sound of that guys voice still sends chills down my spine. runs seem to go by fast because I always feel like I am on the chase.

What else is different about my runs? The amount of nudity I see. Honestly, people think that when it's dark outside they are invisible. Quite the opposite my friend. When it's dark outside, but light in your house it's VERY easy for people to see inside especially when you decide to forgo the blinds. I saw a woman emptying her dish washer the other morning completely naked. Why would a person feel like that is a good idea? I understand if you sleep in the nude, but please get a little robe action on before you do your morning chores.

Mr. T saw a man making breakfast the other morning completely naked. Not only does that sound unsanitary, but it also sounds dangerous! I have burned arm hair right off my arm before while cooking bacon. I don't even wanna imagine his danger zone....I'll stop there.
Cat's are such creeps. Dogs would never violate your privacy like that.

So next time you think you don't want to run in the morning because it's too boring, think again. You can get your heart racing before you even get started and you can learn the importance of a good, supporting bra all at the same time.

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