Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Punkin Patch

Last weekend we ventured to the pumpkin patch (I know you know someone who says "Punkin". If you don't, you do now) with my brother and his family. My sister in law is a great professional photographer so it's really nice to get some good family pictures wherever we go. My ol' handy dandy iphone is great and all, but her camera really seems to do just a tad bit better.

 My little lady with some minor scratches on her head. That's what happends when you figure out that you can get from place to place a lot faster if you run. Girl takes after her mama.

 Her nervous habit. When she's feels awkward or doesn't know what else to do she just says, "Hi". It's a real ice breaker.

I'm going to have to teach her about angles. And how to look like you don't have a double chin in pictures...All in due time my lady.

 Isabelle and her cousin Allie Grace picking out pumpkins. Why yes, I did dress my daughter as a lady bug! We have 3 hand me down costumes that you can bet I'm going to use. I mean honestly, what is cuter than a kid in costume?
 Don't be scared. Isabelle is not putting Allie Grace in a sleeper hold. That is just the way she gives hugs. Again, girl is just like her mama.

 Telling secrets

Picking out pumpkins together

And a good ol' smack to the face to end the cuteness

 She was dying to feed and play with the goats. The goats were dying to nibble on those chubby little fingers.

 Me and my sweet little niece Allie.

She was dying to have a pumpkin on her head after she saw her big cousins doing it.

Our little family

 Our little family and Isabelle blowing kisses...typical.


Laura said...

What a cute family picture!

katie said...

You guys are adorable. And I can think of a lot worse words for her to use and ice breaker. "Hi" is a good one. : )

Karen said...

Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous family. We are heading to the 'punkin' patch tomorrow :)

Erin said...

The photos are great!! I'm dying to get to the pumpkin patch with J!