Friday, October 7, 2011

Medal of Honor

I'll be the first to say it. Single mothers deserve a medal, 10 weeks of paid vacation, and a college fund for their kids. Mr. T was gone 4 days and I about lost my mind. I'm a wimp. I am quick to take for granted how much easier it is to have a little help around the house. Even if they aren't constantly there to change diapers, it's just someone else (someone that doesn't wear diapers) that you can talk to. Parenting is hard. That's no secret. I don't believe it was made to be done alone. I understand MILLIONS of people do it alone daily because of different circumstances and I applaud them. I am weak.
I am blessed to have my parents living 20 minutes from us, but's not the same. They raised me and my brother and sister like a million years ago. Times have changed and they have become more laid back. Plus Isabelle isn't their responsibility. They are done with the hard work of raising 3 wild kids and believe me, I put them through the ringer (sorry mom and dad. I regret it, especially now that people tell me that I will get what I gave as a kid. Stupid what goes around, comes around thing).
I have also realized that being a single parent would be tough not only because of the added responsibilities, but also because you don't have anyone there to share your joy with you. Everything Isabelle does, I want Mr. T to see. Thanks to smart phones, he can see her new skills immediately, but it's sad to think, "what if I didn't have anyone to send the pictures and videos to?"
Now don't get it twisted, we didn't sit around and mope over Mr. T being gone (Sorry Mr. T) girls know how to party.

A little ice cream date is always good for the soul. 

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katie said...

My husband is about to fly to Nashville until late Thursday night. Although he travels often, I am always worn out having the 3 boys on my own. Maybe I'll try ice cream.