Friday, October 14, 2011

Rock Chalk...err Boomer Sooner??

This weekend we are traveling to Lawrence, Ks (also known as heaven on earth) to watch my Jayhawks play my Oklahoma Sooners. That's heard me just call both teams "mine." As I have stated before, I grew up a Sooners fan, but then decided to be a rebel and go to school at KU. I always cheer for the Sooners during football because let's face it, they're always good at football and no one in Kansas gives two hoot's about football. The only to my cheering rule is OU is playing KU. I cheer for my Jayhawks. My blood, sweat and tears (literally) were shed at KU and I will forever be a Jayhawk. The game starts at 8:30, which is WAYYY past Miss Isabelle's bedtime, so she is staying behind with her Gram's to cheer for the Jayhawks in her sleep. She's bad A like that.

Vintage Isabelle Pic. Circa 2010.
This time last year, she went to the game (don't gasp. The games aren't loud. No one goes to the KU games, so they are honestly more quiet than any high school game I've ever been to) and she was such a tiny tyke. This picture makes me a tad sad...I know, I'm lame.
What's on your agenda this weekend? Who are you cheering for? Or are you just cheering for any team that plays to keep your husband out of your hair for a few hours...been there. Go Cowboys???

Happy Fun Friday!

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Emily Kate said...

Your lil family and blog are adorable, and you crack me up momma!