Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend In Pictures

Is it Monday already? This weekend FLEW by! We started it off with my sister and nephew, Carter, coming in town to visit and go to the OU game with us. Isabelle is Carters biggest fan, so she was laughing at him (or just staring at him waiting for him to do something hilarious) for most of the weekend. As cool as Izzy thinks Carter is, Carter gets pretty bored with a baby so he invited my other nephew, Isaac,  to come over and stay the night.  Isaac is 8 and Carter is 6, so they are pretty close in age which makes for a perfect dynamic. Before bedtime we caught Isaac reading Carter a bedtime story. Seriously? Boys are so sweet..
Who doesn't love to read "Darth Paper" before bedtime?
On Saturday we woke up early to run a 10K with my dad. Mr. T and Isabelle were our cheering section while my dad and I ran the race. It was perfect weather for 6 miles, and I ran my fastest time I have ever run! I finished 2nd Female overall (BY 3 STUPID SECONDS) and 1st in my age group with a time of 38 minutes flat. There was a little hill at the end and it finished inside of the Zoo so it wasn't so awesome smelling elephants when you are trying to not die going up a hill. Seriously elephants, light a candle when you're done.  

After the race. Please excuse the scary/exhausted lady holding my cute baby who's saying "CHEESE"

She seriously LOVED cheering for all the people. When she saw her Papa pass, she ran after him.

Immediately after the race, we got ready for the big OU game and headed to Norman. The game was pretty boring (62-6) but we had fun shopping before the game and watching the boys play football.

On Sunday we rested for most of the day and then headed out to the Pumpkin Patch in the afternoon. Can you believe fall is here? The weather here is amazing, the fair is in town and our mums are blooming. Fall is officially here...and welcome.

Our ladybug ready for some Pumpkin Patch time.

She was more interested in the ugly, warty pumpkins.

The Goats that she insisted were "birds". And the Turkey...See ya next month fella.

Happy Monday!

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