Monday, October 24, 2011

Smell fear?

You know when people say, "dogs can smell fear"? Well I think life can smell when you are really busy and so it throws more stuff on your plate as if to say, "You thought you were busy before...Ha!". That seems to be happening a LOT lately.

The race here in town that I have been training for since this summer is happening on Saturday. My baby nieces first birthday party is on Saturday, halloween parties are on Saturday, Mr. T is going to be out of town all week (including Saturday) AND we are still selling our house. Yowzers, we're busy. Too busy for anything else? "HA!" says God. My pregnant sister in law in Texas is being induced on Tuesday so we are heading up there for the week on Tuesday night and then flying home Friday night. Insanity.

Life can be overwhelming and can make me sort of wish my life away. "Life will be easier once Isabelle can communicate. Life will be easier once she can feed herself. Life will be easier when it SLOOWS down." None of those things are really going to matter. Life is hard. And it goes by fast. I have to remember to slow myself down and enjoy it. I read THIS a while back and it completely changed my way of thinking. "This too shall pass", but meaning that the good stuff is going to be gone soon and we will never have it back. I will miss the mornings Isabelle wakes up at the butt crack of dawn just so she can get in our bed and snuggle. I will miss her dirty laundry that seems to pile up so fast and I will miss the days where Mr T and I are not only figuring out marriage, but also figuring out parenting. One day we will sit on our rockers on our front porch talking about these days with tears in our eyes.

 It's all going to pass and I pray to be present.
Cousin Allie and Izzy playing together. Allie's eye had a rude first meeting with her coffee table.  

Keep my little lady in your prayers. She's not feeling so hot and has FOUR teeth coming in at the same time.


katie said...

I have to say that the time of raising my boys before school began was insane, but I'd do anything to go back and have them that little again.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

It may be a crazy insane life @ times but remember every single moment is so worth it...& you will always be able to cherish those sweet moments with your little one/ones as they get older then as they become an adult themselves they ask & wanna know what they did as a child you can say well you did.... They will more then likely be like oh goodness then laugh about it :) that precious little one of ours is growing up all too fast! She is still such a little doll I hope she gets to feeling better :)Have a great week :)

Jacci said...

oh she is such a **punkin**!!! hope she's feeling better :)