Friday, January 13, 2012

How to GAIN weight while training for a Marathon

Yup, that is correct. I have perfected the art of gaining weight while running 50 miles a week. Most people make goals of running to LOSE weight. Oh no, not me. I run more and in turn I want to eat more and my favorite food is anything with high fructose corn syrup and sugar. The perfect blend if you ask me.

This is an entire row in our pantry covered in my favorite snack foods for me to get wild with. We usually have a large bag of peanut M&M's on hand as well, but it seems a mouse or something has carried them off. Rude!
You also remember this trip. Well my habit is not getting any better so far.

 It's healthy if I put granola and almonds in it right? Yes, I'm so winning at life.
The enablers

Family is coming in town this weekend as well, so I have already prepared this little beauty and am planning to make a few other things off my Pinterest board. You know how they say you should never grocery shop while hungry? Well, you should also never Pinterest while hungry

With all this grubbing, it's a good thing that my training plan is going well. I am training my butt off (not literally) by running pretty hard 5 days a week. I usually run 7 miles a day around a 7:15 per mile pace and then I do a workout once a week followed by a long run to end the week. This weekend I have a 16 miler. I will be doing it alone, which is sometimes really nice, but also makes me chatty Cathy after the run. Sorry Mr. T and all the innocent bystanders that I might run into at the flea market!

What are your weekend plans? Have any awesome recipes you want to send my way?
Just do it.
You can be my new enablers.


The Sauls said...

Coming over from Casey's page. And I agree about "never Pinterest while hungry".. too much good food!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

I work out to eat. : 0 Happy weekend!

Abbie said...

Lordy, woman! I hope you don't go into a sugar coma before your big race!

Seriously, though, you do eat something besides high fructose corn syrup and sugar, right?

Cute post!

P.S. Dang, girl! a 7:15 pace ain't bad at ALL! I'm proud of myself for running a couple of miles under 8, but running is so not my thing.

I so appreciate your taking the time to link up at Feature Friday Free-for-All!

You rock!

~Abbie (