Thursday, January 19, 2012


As I have mentioned before, Mr. T bought me a new little love for Christmas in the form of a new camera. I have had so much fun with it so far. I have no idea how to use it, but I do know that it has already paid for itself by catching some of my favorite family moments.  

I am not the type of person to half way dive into anything (which can be dangerous). When I set my mind to accomplishing something, there is no stopping me. I have been following Ashley's blog for a while and she has become such an awesome mammarazzi inspiration for me. She also attends the same church as I do so I have been able to hear some of her tips on picture taking. As soon as I heard that she has an online class, I put it on my Santa list since I knew I was getting a camera. Santa came through and I started my class last week!

I have learned so much already and have had so much fun learning. I do have to work on my daughter acting a little more natural around the camera, because everytime she get's a glimpse of it she says, "CHEESE!".

 Telling a story.
Isabelle loves coaxing her best buddy into chasing her. She carries his favorite blocks around lures him into her favorite places.
 Merger. Her head is growing a chair. Mergers, mergers EVERYWHERE!
Caught this little man doing his new trick...pulling up. On everything.
 Also framing.
Isabelle doing her "fake laugh" to one of her favorite books.
I like the poles lining her in the back, but I don't love how bright her face is.  Or how nervous she looks.
 Movement. This was a lot harder to capture than I though. Sister is fast!
Rule of thirds. Not loving the crappy crop.

So, now I have accomplished my weekly homework. It's easily been the most fun homework I've had in a LONG time.

This picture just makes me laugh. Isabelle put on her Papa's glasses for a good laugh. 
She looks like a cute little librarian if you ask me...or Mrs. Claus. 


AshleyAnn said...

These are great! I love the framing ones. Mergers drive me crazy. They are everywhere even when I try to avoid them. You should be really proud of what you've captured...thanks for sharing!

Kiley said...

Hi, Melissa! I'm visiting from the snapshop course! I love the photos with your daughter and her book and with the color some idea of her size in comparison with those items. She'll grow up too quickly!

Definitely librarian :o)

LaynahRose said...

Good job! I desperately want to be able to figure out a camera one of these days before I'm "mommy"