Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

This week, I am saying So What:

To the fact that I was more excited for this season of The Bachelor then I have been for most bachelor's. Ben is such a sweet, normal guy. Poor fella got him a bunch of crazies for Bachelorette's though.

That I don't feel bad for loving Ben, because I'm pretty sure Mr. T has a man crush on him as well. Ben's hilarious and, like I said, a NORMAL guy. Not a goober. Or at least he hasn't proven himself as goober-y yet.

That my daughter is still wearing Christmas PJ's. Around November, I become obsessed with all things Christmas including sleep wear. Now, I feel guilty putting her Christmas jammies in storage when they are still in great condition. They are red so maybe we can pass them off as Valentines PJ's? The reindeer sorta give it away.

I laugh every time the Gossip Magazines say that Katy Perry wouldn't file for divorce because her parents are uber religious and don't believe in divorce so she didn't want to upset them....seriously? Have you seen her outfits? Heard her songs? I'm pretty sure divorce isn't that shocking to them anymore.

I got new Hunter wellies for Christmas and I have lived in them ever since. They are my replacing my old Uggs (thank you Lord I can retire those hideous suckers) as the NEW heaven on my feet.

Every time I type the word Marathon, I add a "G" at the end so it says Marathong. That's just a funny word to me. And a great race idea. Maybe I'm on to something here.

What are you saying So What! to? 


Ashley said... just made my morning! :)

Abbie said...

As long as the word "marathong" isn't indicative of the only item worn while racing one, I'm okay with it. ; )

Okay, so I actually clicked on your blog through a comment you left for Adalyn Stone, strangely enough, but I did a HUGE double-take when I read the text on your hubby's shirt.

I live 20 miles south of Tyler, Tx and go to church, work, shop, whatever else there.

Is that where you guys live or was that just picked up passing through? (Sweet family photo, by the way).

Oh, and I'm saying, "So what!" to the fact that my Christmas tree is still up!

Would also love it if you'd stop by for a visit!

P.S. I'm your newest follower. : )

~Abbie (