Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm sorry Billy Ray Cyrus

But, my daughter is no longer your biggest fan. She lost her mullet this weekend in support of some new pigtails. I hope you'll understand.

Before we found out her hair could sport some crazy, cute pigtails we went out on the town one last night with a little mullet. We went to eat at a new, delicious, BBQ place here in Oklahoma  and then ventured to Bass Pro Shop in order to walk off some of our dinner. Her mullet fit in perfectly with a BBQ and Bass Pro kind of night and there is nothing that cures my winter blues more than a 70 degree day, barbecue, cold beer and some maybe even a little Dateline. ahh be still my heart.
We decided to get our crazy night going at about 4:45 in order to avoid the lines. We were there with all the blue hairs and it was perfect.

 My little lady showing my how to clap. Or she was being passive aggressive and showing me how to clap because she thought it was rude that she did something cute and I didn't clap. Either way....I remembered to clap the next time.

 Mr. T is either doing his famous model face or he's judging our neighbor. Sadly, I think it's the second option. Tisk, tisk, Mr. T. I caught you.
 Eskimo Kisses

Somebody's even more excited than me!

And no night is complete without a trip to Bass Pro Shop. I loathe that place, but Mr. T and Isabelle love it so much that I sacrifice my own happiness for them. I know, I should receive some sort of humanitarian award.

 Them being ridiculously cute partially  makes up for it. The free fudge makes up for the rest.

My marathon training is also going according to plan. I did my 14 miler this weekend around a 7:05 average mile pace and felt great. Mr. T joined me the last 5 miles which helped a lot and I also had a pretty good lineup of music that seemed to pass the time quickly. Do you have anything in particular that you like to workout to? I generally like faster music, but when it's early in the morning I can only listen to country without getting really annoyed. Thank God for Miranda Lambert and Eric Church!


theolivetree said...

cute about the hair :) my daughter had a Mohawk for the longest time...her hair would not grow!

Ashley said...

Good Job on the training!! Thats awesome, I am no where near a runnder like you but when I run on the treadmill I listen to Miranda Lambert lol and sometimes the Justin Bieber station on Pandora...Dont judge me

Katie @ minivan diva said...

So funny about the hair. She looks adorable! Keep up with the running...I'm impressed!

Mama Fee said...

I love your blog! By the way- are you from Tyler? I saw your husband's shirt on your header photo! I graduated from Baylor and I am in Houston now! xoxo