Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's get a little personal.

Ashley asked me a few random/fun questions, which I love answering because I think it's the little things that make up our big personalities. Plus, who doesn't love talking about themselves?

11 Fun Facts about myself:

1. I have Spidey like senses. I can hear just about everything (great for eaves of my fav activities) and I give a blood hound a run for his money on smelling things (which is a nightmare when you are preggo).

2. I've always hated cartoons. The little voices give me a headache.  

3. I hate walking around with bare feet. We have wood floors and it just feels cold and uncomfortable. I also have to put lotion on my feet before getting into bed and can't stand dry feet. I don't have a weird foot fetish, but suddenly I am realizing that I sound like I do.

4.  I have a minor in Spanish and I can't speak ANY Spanish. You know when they say "Use it or lose it?"....they aren't lying. Thankfully, Dora is giving me a free refresher course.

5. I hate odd numbers. I only run even numbers (4 miles, 6 miles, 8 get the point), but my new marathon plan has been making me run 7 miles lately and it's driving me nuts! Let me either stop at 6 or run to 8!

6. I love reading and I the thought of buying a Kindle or any other E-reader makes me sad. I love to put the books up like trophies when I'm done reading them! How else are people supposed to know that I'm a smarty pants? I mean HELLO! Harry Potter looks like an Encyclopedia on my shelf!

7. I have a heart tattoo on my lower hip which means nothing to me. I got it on my 18th birthday with all my high school best friends to signify that we were "besties". I now talk to them about once every 2 years.

8. I walk really slowly. I am 5'10" so people assume that I have long legs and walk fast. Incorrect. I have short legs and a freakishly long torso which makes me tall. I hate walking fast because it makes me feel like I am in a hurry and I hate being in a hurry because it stresses me out.

9. I want to own horses one day. I don't really LOVE to ride horses, but I think they're so cute and I just want to pet them and kiss their noses.

10. The zoo depresses me. I love animals, but I hate the zoo.

11. I hate mayo. It grosses me out so much that I even hate watching other people eat it. So, if you are thinking of ordering it when we're hanging out please keep it on the DL.

Now on to questions from Ashley:
1. Your worst fear - Having someone in my immediate family die. I have never really experienced an unexpected death and the thought of that terrifies me. Sorry I got all deep up in here...but you asked!

2. Do you have any awkward talents - I throw like a girl, but I can throw a pretty good football.

3. Favorite Accessory - Jewelry of any kind. If I had to choose, it would be rings.

4. Dogs or Cats - Dogs. I am allergic to cats and they kind of scare me.

5. Do you drive like a race car driver or a Grandpa -Race car driver, but I have never been in an accident! I am really competitive so when I am driving I feel like I am racing the other cars. I know. It's bad

6. Dream job - Medical Aesthetician. I am obsessed with skin care and I don't think people take their skin serious enough!

7. What do you order at Chipotle - Chicken burrito. As spicy as I can make it.

8. Favorite Ice Cream -The cold kind. I love them all. I choose vanilla most of the time though because I like to add lots of toppings.

9. Favorite trashy TV Show - Jersey Shore, all the Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Teen Mom.  Oh, I don't watch too many trashy shows.

10. Vanilla or Chocolate - I don't love chocolate. So I guess Vanilla?

11. All time favorite Movie- I used to be obsessed with Hairspray (the Rickey Lake version). I used to watch it several times DAILY when I was little. Which is actually really inappropriate for kids to watch. Way to go Mom and Dad! I guess that's the perks of being the third kid.


Ashley said...

Awww I enjoyed reading this post!! and I am the same with reading books, I want to display it and if I have an e-reader then no one will know that im a reader lol!! Thanks for playing along

Bethany said...

I have a weird thing with odd numbers too. The volume on the TV has to be an even number. Guess I'm not the only weird one out there!

Carrin said...

I have a similar tat on my hip. 4 friends and a heart tattoo and we will be forever linked. Yeah right! I actually have no idea where any of them are any more! So if you see any one walking around the beach with a heart/rose tattoo on their right hip, tell them I said "What's Up" ;)

Shon said...

Hi, I am following from the blogger gift exchange. I am also a fellow runner, gearing up for my first 1/2 in May! Best to you in Boston!! Run it!;)

Kerrie said...

your blog is so cute! I'm over from your swap partner's blog and am happy to say I'm your new follower!