Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1st Birthday Party

Holy busy weekend! My family from Nashville was in town this weekend and we got to celebrate Isabelle's FIRST BIRTHDAY! It was so much fun and she had a lot of her friends come over so she had tons of fun. I don't really know if she knew what exactly was going on, but my little lady was quite the little "Mariah Carey" ( I hate the word "diva" so I won't say it. Diva is just a nice word for the B-word in my book.) of the party. She LOOOVES having all attention on her and she loves when everyone claps for her, so it was pretty much a perfect day for her.

I'll apologize again for the iPhone picture, but I forgot my camera at home (mom of the year!) and plus the iPhone takes pretty dang good pics for it being a phone. One of these days, I'll have a big fancy nice camera that doesn't include "face time", but for now the ol' Sony and iPhone pics will do. Sidebar: my sister in law is a professional photographer so she took lots of amazing pictures that I will post later. They're pretty sweet.

This is the first of TWO parties for Isabelle (again, sooo Mariah Carey) so by the end of August she might just hate cake...HA! That never worked for me. You know how some people get over their need to smoke by chain smoking for like two days straight and then by the end of the two days, cigarettes sound disgusting to them? I wish there were a diet program like that. Eat all the crap you want and as much as you want of it for two days...then by the end of two days, you'll hate it. I pretty much do this on the weekends and by Monday, I am sick of junk food. But then by Friday, dammit I want to eat crap again! Maybe I'll just pick up the habit of smoking...Nicotine sounds like it's easier to kick than sugar. Plus, I bet it will be awesome for my running.

Speaking of running, this weekend is my fast 5k race I'm doing! The winning prize money is $500! So I am taking it easier this week in order to prepare for Saturday. Momma needs new shoes! (Or a new camera).

Happy Tuesday!!


Diane said...

So cute! Happy Birthday precious girl!!! :O)

Victoria said...

Love the Minnie Mouse ears with the bow. So cute!

New follower from TAT.

Grandma Bonnie said...

Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment on my blog. What a cutie, happy birthday. Have a great week.