Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another hot one folks!

Oklahoma is setting records this month for heat. I know most of the country is too, but it's just never good to see this:

Yup, that screen shot was taken on my phone at 8:45 this morning. Mr. T and I got up early and ran. He ran first while I fed Isabelle breakfast and then I went out and ran. Holy moly it was a tough one! There is a 5k next weekend that I want to do well in, so I decided to do a workout. I ran one mile hard and then 8x400's. I ran them all on my block so that if I were to die, someone would find me. I'm kidding...sort of. Today the run was kind of like a slow, painful death that I chose. I'm such a freak. I know. By the time I was finished I looked like I just got out of the swimming pool. I walked in the house and Isabelle looked at me with disgust because of all the sweat. She's such a girl sometimes (Her only other interaction with a girl that exercises is with Dora. Dora runs across the country searching for meaningless things all while avoiding a kleptomaniac fox and she never breaks a sweat or has to wear a pony tail...she's more of a freak than me.)

With this heat, the only thing to really do is play indoors (that gets old really fast) or go swimming. Isabelle LOVES the water and it's nice to use my brothers pool whenever we want. While we were in San Diego we met a dad of a 15 month old girl. He told us they had put her in a swimming lesson where they teach infants to basically survive if they were to ever fall in a pool. You can read more about it HERE. I have heard several stories about kids falling in pools that make me sick to my stomach. Mr. T's parents have a lake house in Texas so we are around water all the time. Isabelle loves the water and doesn't have any fear of it which I love, but it also terrifies me. I want her to love it, but at the same time respect it and understand the dangers and what to do. When I was about two, I jumped in the pool and my older brother had to jump in and get me from the bottom. My parents said they took their eyes off me for a minute and I was gone. ONE minute. That's all it takes. So we are thinking about doing this class with Isabelle in the winter. It's quite a dedication because it's 15 minutes a day five days a week for six weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it without having an anxiety attack, but I'll be in the other room getting really close to God. Have you ever done anything or heard anything about this? I don't want to push Isabelle into swimming, but I want to keep her safe for next spring and summer.

Isabelle's dream = Puppies+Pool

P.s. What did you think of the Bachelorette? I am happy with her choice. I think they fit each other well. Now the real stuff starts for them though...Only TWO couples have ever made it from that show! Maybe they should start having more realistic dates like to a dog park to see if they have real "chemistry". I watch Big Brother as well and more couples make it off that show that any other show. I guess you get past that honey moon stage when you're forced to live in a house together and have your life taped 24-7 for 3 months. Pretty intense if I do say so myself. Well off to fry some eggs on the sidewalk. Seriously, you can do that here. Sick...but true.

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Nancy said...

Wow, that is HOT! I thought Texas was hotter but it isn't going to hit 100 degrees till 3/4pm today!

As for the Bachelorette, I've been watching here or there...I felt bad for the poor guy, Ben. He got on his hands and knees, did this whole speech and then she decides to tell him "NO". :( I knew she was going to go with JP though. It was kind of obvious.

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