Friday, August 12, 2011

Pre-race Day

Tomorrow morning is the big race I have been training for (sort of). Isn't it crazy how when you get close to a race (or a goal) you start to doubt yourself (or your training)? I know I have put in the work and I know I am tough, but suddenly I start thinking, "I only got to train a few days because (insert excuse)" or "I have a 1 year old at home. They don't."
So I am trying to turn those negatives into positives. "I have a 1 year old at home, so now I truly know what sacrifice and hard work is." "I only got to train a few days so I know when I actually did get to do a workout, I gave it my best". Cue the sappy motivating music.
I am saying all this because I found out an Olympic marathoner is coming to run the 5k. Sure, a 5k might not be her race, but anyone that runs a 2:36 marathon isn't slow. There are also a few girls around town that only train for running. Like that's their job. They are sponsored girls that are working on coaching so running is part of the on the job work. My on the job training now consists of chasing a running one year old around the yard. I will say, it's quite a workout.
 Even if I can't beat them, I am hoping for a new record with my married name. I used to be faster when I ran under my maiden name. Then I got married and had a baby (you can read about it HERE), so running got put in the back burner. Now I have to set new PR's (personal records) for my married name! So that's really my goal (or that's what I say just in case I get left in the dust so I don't feel as bad).  

What are you doing this weekend? Please tell me you're not paying money to put your body through a lot of pain voluntarily like me. If so, you're crazy and we should be friends.
Happy Fun Friday!


katie said...

Good luck on your new PR! I've started running 5k's, but I'm super slow. I still enjoy the process, though. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Victoria said...

Good luck! Remember to have fun!

Anonymous said...

Goooooooooood luck!!! I admire anyone who runs marathons!