Friday, August 5, 2011

Colorado trip recap

We did it! We survived another family vacation in Colorado, or as Mr. T lovingly calls it, "fat camp." Our family vacations consist of hiking, biking, running,white water rafting, walking and shopping. To me its Mr. T it's torture to bike besides all of the rivers and not stop to fish. I enjoy eating fish, not catching it. That entails way too much patience for me.

 We kicked off the first night in Breckenridge, with a little Karaoke. Of course, we did country music which was not a hit in the bar. I sang Miranda Lambert, my sister sang Keith Urban, Mr. T sang Brad Paisley (Shocker: he has a man crush on him) and my brother in law did Kenny Rogers....Yes, I said Kenny Rogers. Total bomb. But, hilarious. The best part....we did it in our t-shirts and sweats. I told you I'm lazy...I hate getting dressed up, especially for mountain people that I don't know. How the heck can they pull off that "I haven't showered in a week" thing so well? They look windblown and cool. I look like a nonshowering, exhausted, dirty (and I mean that in a clean way) housewife...oh wait. Crap.

 The second day, we biked to Breckenridge (10.5 miles) to eat some breakfast and ride the lift to the top of the mountain to the most exciting place ever! They transform the mountain to a fun park in the summer time. There was a huge slide to ride down on these little carts and just about any other kind of adventure you wanted to do! So much fun!
My sister and Carter loving the lift ride.

The other side of the lifters. Isabelle is clearly over the pictures...why is she giving me half a peace sign?

Time for some trampoline action! p.s. it's a lot harder than it looks. I was on it for literally TWO minutes and I was exhausted and sore the next day. Momma's getting old!

Also, not so fun about it. They weigh you before you get front of the crowd. I guess this is geared more towards kids that LIKE to see the bigger numbers on the scale. Not this big gal!

Cute little trampoline master

Cheering squad. Rude. I didn't get a cheering squad.

A little back flip action for the wee man.

The crew. Exhausted. And far away. That's what happens when you ask a random person to take 15 pictures of you.

 After a few days, the boys went home and me, my sister and my mom stayed behind (with Isabelle and Carter of course) for 4 more days. Growing up, we always took girls trips so it was nice (and crazy!) to hang out together again but this time with our KIDS!
She get's the bed head from me. Or her dad. We both have crazy bed head. Poor gal doesn't stand a chance.

Now I know why girls with older brothers are so stinkin tough! Everything that Carter did, Isabelle wanted to do. He is turning 6 next month and she is 11 months. She still thought she could hang with him.  She tried climbing up the slide several times and reminded me of myself a little old lady because everytime she lifted her leg she tooted and then being such an awesome girl, she just went on like nothing happend. Pure genious.

She's really excited about this one!

There was a restaurant on the Frisco Lake, that was amazing! It had tons of outdoor games for kids to play while the parents could eat. Isabelle LOVED watching the other kids play and Carter like impressing girls. I'm pretty sure boys trying to impress girls starts as soon as kids can walk. Carter told a little girl that his bike "does stunts" then when she acted impressed, he showed her just what the "stunts" were. He biked on his bike and the moved his upper body from side to side as if he was actually doing anything and then fell off his bike. When she looked concerned, he said "oh I meant to do that. It's part of the stunt." She ate it up. This will go on for years and years kids.
If you were wondering, yes that is a jacket on Isabelle. It was about 60 degrees and cloudy in the evening. Now you know why I complain talk about the Oklahoma heat so much!

They had a game of "washers" to play too which made me laugh. When I see washers I think of the ol' college days and the frat boys outside their houses in the middle of the afternoon drinking beer, trying to impress girls with their drunkeness (seriously, how attractive is that stumbling, mumbling guy? Total hotty) and playing washers. Now I am watching my nephew drink his chocolate milk, trying to impress girls  playing washers.
With all the "Rocky Mountain Chocolate" out there, we have slowly created a cookie monster. Those hippies must lace their chocolate with some sort of *cough* substance because she went nuts when we ran out of cookie!
Exhibit A: Cookie Face
 Exhibit B: Pissed Cookie Monster

Another favorite of the trip...the dishwasher. As I have said before, our house was built in 1936. Before the age of dishwashers and when women wore pearls and high heels to clean. Cue Jeff Foxworthy joke about loading the dishwasher means getting the wife drunk. But we DON'T have a  dishwasher. I repeat, we do not own a dishwasher. The house doesn't have the correct plumbing for a dishwasher and it would be a heck of an ordeal to put one in. Our dishwasher is writing this blog. Our dishwasher doesn't mind
doing dishes, but does mind putting them up. It's so boring. Apparently, Isabelle is dying for a dishwasher too. Every time we opened the dishwasher in the cabin, she would sprint to see what new treasures were in there to play with.


The worst part of vacation....When it ends. Especially with a view like this:

I can't complain though... My view from the plane was pretty nice also:

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