Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bear with me

Or is it bare with me? What does that even mean? Anyways, I have been a little MIA lately in the blog world because on Monday I was taking care of 3 kids! I watch a friends little boy, who is 5 months old, twice a week. He is the sweetest little guy and so much fun to be around. On Monday, my niece also came over to play, she is 10 months old. She is quiet, but active! And then I have my little pistol.

Ma'Lady after church. Showing her cracker eatin' skills. Mama's so proud!

She runs the show and when there are new kids in her house, she feels the need to let them know who the boss is. I have no idea where she got that trait from. So on Monday I had 3 little ones in my house and on Tuesday I had the two girls. The day FLLLEW by and I was exhausted by the end of it, which is why there have been no posts. Shout out to all you mama's with multiples! No wonder Kate G was so tough. Kids are crazy!

Allie enjoying socializing more than lunch. Not Izzy. She means biznass

"Allie, I don't want what you just put in your mouth. That's gross"

  Do you love the way I put kids on the center of the table like centerpieces? They're super cute centerpieces, but super messy.

This is Allie. If you notice her pacifier says "Izzy". This was the theme all day. Stealing pacifiers.
 Last night we also had a realtor come by to look at our house to tell us what to do to add value to our house before we sell. The only thing he told us? Paint Isabelle's room. It's bright pink right now. I knew he was going to say that, but it still broke my heart to hear it. Honestly, that is going to be the worst part about moving houses. I always told Mr. T that when we moved, someone else would have to paint her room. I couldn't watch it. Shoot! I was wrong. Isabelle's great grandmother painted a pretty tree on her wall and the room is exactly the way I planned it in my head. I will post pictures of it soon.
On the lighter side, now I get to decorate her NEW room. Pinterest makes me want to re-do rooms daily and so now I will actually get to do that!
I also saw this picture on Pinterest and thought it was hilarious because it pretty much sums up my baking abilities:

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katie said...

The pic of the two girls by the basket is so cute.

Such a bummer about the walls. We're going to put our house on the market in the spring and I know we have some repainting to do. UGH.

A for effort on the cupcakes!