Monday, August 29, 2011

Yay! Blog Award

Thanks to Laura at Moments with the Mays I received my very first blog award. Laura has the ideal "versatile" blog because she writes about just about everything and makes it interesting and funny. Plus she has an ADORABLE boy that is about the same age as Izzy so it's fun to see how similar that age is! She lives just outside of Nashville, which is my dream city to live in. My sister and her family live there, the city revolves around singing country songs about Jesus and cold beer. Heaven on earth if you ask me.

 I just started this blog a few months ago and I have had so much fun writing in it. I used to write in a journal, but then my hands got tired and my handwriting got so sloppy that I could barely read it anymore so I just stopped writing in it. The blog has been therapy for me and a time capsule for Isabelle (and future babies) to read about how weird mommy is.

So less chit chat and more info on the award! Here are the rules for accepting:
The Rules of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to up to 15 recently discovered blogs
I am never one to pass up an opportunity to write about myself. Don't lie, you love to do it to. So let's get to it.
1. I believe I should have grown up to be a singer. I would love to do it professionally! I am not shy, I love to perform, I would be entertaining and I love to change outfits. The only problem is that I suck at singing and I can't write. Sure there are TONS of "entertainers" out there that can't sing, but I would LOVE to just open my mouth and sound like Whitney Houston instead of a humpback whale.
2. When I cook, I become a mean, crazy, control freak. There is a word that is used on the street for this type of girl, but I'm keeping this blog g-rated. Izzy, mommy never uses naughty words. I don't know why I get like this. The kitchen just stresses me out and I'm always afraid I'm going to burn dinner and that would be a shot to my ego. So if you want to come to dinner. Come after dinner is made and after I've tamed the beast
3. I was born and raised in the same house. Right before I met Mr. T, my parents moved. Half of a mile away. I was devastated. Now every time I hear the Miranda Lambert song, "The house that built me" I want to cry.
4. I always say I want to live in the country and "live off the land". Then when I really think about it, I die. I hate bugs, snakes and I crave QuikTrip coffee and choices of restaurants.
5. I love to be outside, but I'm not outdoorsy. I went camping when I was little and never slept. I only enjoyed it because I would play in the smoke in the camp fire and pretend like I was Reba McEntire singing "Fancy" ( I told you I should have been a singer). The last time I went camping, I had to drink a bottle glass of wine to fall asleep.
6. If I did live on a farm. I would have a farm of horses, dogs and tea cup pigs. Haven't seen a teacup pig? Google it. Your heart will melt of cuteness.
7. I hated running in high school and only chose to do it in college because I got a scholarship for it. I really fell in love with it my senior year of college and after college. It's amazing how much more you like something when you're not forced to do it.
Here are the people that I am giving the award to:

Katie at Minivan Diva. She's a wife, a mom of THREE boys and such a sweet woman. Her writing is positive and her family is adorable!
Country is a state of Mind. Remember, I wish I could be country. This mom does it. Plus she was a teacher and cross country coach before staying home with her baby Blaine. Love her stories of life out of town.

Running in Pearls. I love running and this girl walks the walk and talks the talk. She loves to run, yet loves to get dressed up and be girlie. Perfect combo!

Check em out!

P.s. Prayers needed. We are thinking about moving houses. Leaving the house that we have made exactly how we want it. Leave the house that we came home to after we got married. Leave the house that we brought Izzy home to. YIKES! Hopefully, the next one we find will make us ready to leave.


basebell6 said...

awwh, thanks for the award! i loved reading the facts about you. i hated running in high school too! and if my parents moved i would definitely die.

i laughed about how you think i'm "country". my blog is called "country is a state of mind" because i pretend i'm country in my head all while living in the 'burbs. LOL. yes i have cows and goats and pigs within sight of my living room; but i also have 3 walmarts within 10 miles! :)

katie said...

Oh the thought of moving is tough. Praying that you'll have a strong gut feeling either way. : ) Thanks for the award, chica! : ) I love your blog!