Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Break

Well, this week Mrs. Isabelle is with her grandparents in West Texas. This weekend we went to Dallas to hang out and then we left her with her "JuJu" and "Bop Bop" (she named her grandpa that all by herself) yesterday as they headed for their drive home. She was happy to go with them, it was her dad and I that had to hold back tears! Side bar: we did not miss her while we were making the 4 hour drive back to Tulsa. She's not exactly the easiest traveler, but I guess I wouldn't be if I had to face backwards and look at the back of a seat. Boooring! We also didn't really miss her when we got to watch Big Brother and comment as loudly as we wanted without worrying about waking her up. I did "shhh" Mr. T once because he was talking loudly....force of habit I guess. Or I'm just a bia. Who knows?
The trip started out with a little hitch when we left at 6:00 in Mr. T's truck and then made it about 45 minutes out of town when his trucks "Check Engine" light came on and his truck started shaking. We turned around and slowly made our way back home to get my car. Thank the Lord, we made it but that meant the 4 hour trip had turned into a 5 1/2 hour trip and Isabelle only got a short morning nap during the driving so it defeated our purpose of getting up at the butt crack of dawn! She was really good during the trip though...mainly because we downloaded a few Dora The Explorer episodes on Itunes so she could watch them on our computer...HALLELUJAH!
We did make it to Texas safe and sound and we had a great weekend. We ran the Labor Day 5k yesterday and I WON! Woo hoo! I ran an 18:15, so I was happy with that. The weather was great (70 degrees), but it was surprisingly really windy. Mr. T ran his second fastest time ever so he was pretty happy with that too. (He also beat his brother in law, which was his real goal. They have a crazy, secret, competitive thing going on....boys!)
Before we made our trek home, Isabelle put on her new outfit that her JuJu gave her....Only in Texas.
The cutest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader I have ever seen.

Sorry so blurry. The outfit made her sassy so she was running EVERYWHERE!

Told ya.
On the drive home to West Texas, Isabelle stopped to see Mr. T's grandma (Izzy's great grandma). Isabelle looks more like this side of her family. As you can tell, Mr. T get's his hair from this side of the family as well. 

So this week, I have a lot to do without Isabelle here. Since we are putting our house on the market, lots of stuff has to get done so my blog posts might be bare. I know! What is the world going to do?!  But I will be getting our house ready, making some things I have dying to make off Pinterest and crying myself to sleep missing my girl. I hear wine helps.....


Victoria said...

Congratulations on winning the race! I'm planning on getting into running and triathlons once I'm done having babies. I also just spent a weekend away from my baby. It was a lot easier than I though and I managed to get some good sleep!

hannah singer said...

good luck with getting your house ready-how exciting! enjoy your time, i know you'll miss your girl, but you'll get lots done.
great post!
(following from katie @ minivan diva!) xo

katie said...

Hey girlie, I gave you a shout out on my post today. Just spreading the love, friend. : ) Good luck with house and good job on the 5k. You killed my time! I'm like a turtle. Seriously. Sad. Isabelle looks adorable!

katie said...

Let me know if you're interested in doing a button swap with each other. : )

heartland farmhouse said...

Hey just popped over from Katie's place! Girl she's right!
You are too funny! In a good way! ;)
Wishing you the best this week! A week w/o the girlies...I think I'd be crying too!