Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrilling Thursdays

Thank you all for the sweet words about being accepted into the Boston Marathon. I am really excited and at the same time I'm terrified. My "real" training starts in January so that's when all the fun will happen.

This morning I got up and it was a perfect morning. 57 degrees, a little breeze and the sun was just coming up enough to make the clouds pink and blue like cotton candy. I walked outside to start my morning run and then turned around and walked back in my house and back to bed. I just wasn't feeling it. Do you have days like this? There is no reason whatsoever that I could think of to get out of the run, so I didn't have an excuse other than the bed felt better than the asphalt. The local race I'm training for is at the end of October and is 9 miles so I seriously need to get my butt in gear, but right before I walked out the door I heard Isabelle wake up and Mr. T run to grab her and bring her back into our bed. Now seriously, how am I supposed to not want to join in on that?

The awesome part about being the CEO of our house is that I get to set my own hours. So that means that today during Izzy's nap time, I will load her in our jogging stroller and get my run in then. It's much tougher to run with her, but now that the weather has cooled off I can run with her mid day again.

Want to know what else I did this morning before 7 o'clock? Grocery shopping. Have you been grocery shopping when you are the only one there that doesn't use one of those scooter grocery carts or have blue hair? It's awesome. There are no lines, no terrible cart drivers and did I mention no lines? I can't wait to join the geriatrics and get up early to do my business. Mr. T and I always say we are going to be perfect old people. We wake up early, read the paper, drink coffee and go to sleep early. I also have a crazy love for jewelry. I wish I could wear a ring on every hand and 14 necklaces at a time without looking like a weird cat lady, but I can't. But I can when I'm old. And I will. That's expected. I will also talk loudly about the kid that wears his pants so low that you can see his underwear. My grandma used to do that and pretend like she was hard of hearing so she could say rude things loudly when in reality, she just wanted the person to hear her. Ohh grandma someday I dream to be just like you.

For the rest of the day, I am going to pack up pictures (I'm crying on the inside) around the house so our house is ready to be shown. The realtor explained that you do this because you want future buyers to picture themselves in your home and not this other family whose pictures are all over the walls. Really? You can't look past the pictures people? That's dumb. We have been looking at houses and I love the houses with pictures on the walls. Mr. T would say that I like them because I'm such a creeper (which I totally am...hey you're a blog reader so that makes you a tiny creeper). But I also feel like pictures make the house feel like a home. But whatev, if it makes our house sell faster than I'll hang pictures of Burt Reynolds. Just get this baby sold! I know it's going to be a pain showing our house and keeping it clean with 2 dogs and a toddler so I hope it's bought soon. So please pray for a swift and smooth sale for us. Thank ya much!
We are going to run to target to get a few storage bins for some household stuff and to look to see if they have anything from Missoni at Target. Have you heard about that? It crashed the sight and everything was bought in most places in less than 4 hours!? That's crazy to me. It may be the fact that I'm an old lady, but I feel like if everyone else is buying stuff then I don't want it. Why would I want to match every single girl on the street? That sounds like high school and I've already done that and not really wanting to do it again. But I do have to see what all the fuss is about. Reason number 32,987,230,498 to like target. I love how they make good brands affordable.

Here's to a thrilling Thursday!


Victoria said...

I love grocery shopping that early. The best part is that my grocery store now has a Starbucks in it too. So I can get my Caramel Apple Spice, Monkey's occupied in the cart and I can get my shopping done quickly!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Stumbled on your blog from other mommy bloggers. Very cute blog. Just joined your site and looking forward to reading more! I am also a mommy blogger at Would love the follow.

I love target as well! Ran this morning to see if they have anymore Missoni, but no!Mama is sad:(