Monday, September 26, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!

On Friday, Mr. T left to go do a little bit of this:

While we stayed home to do a little of this:
Yup, that's a picture of Isabelle and her little buddy, plus our two dogs riding in my car. We got a call that we had a showing for our house on Friday so we had to load up and move our party to my mom's house. Quite the crew we have right?

Mr. T went on a much needed fishing trip with his dad while us girls stayed home and played in the awesome weather we have been having. Since we had a few showings and an open house on Sunday, Isabelle and I just stayed the weekend at my parents house. I don't know why I used to complain about living with my parents..why would you ever complain about free room and board, no bills, and a live in maid/nanny? It was an awesome weekend.

My parents live on an acre and a half so our dogs love it out there just as much as we do. Isabelle's favorite thing to do is find sticks to give to Spike. She will search for the perfect stick and then bring it to him for him to chew on while he just sits there like a king, waiting for the tiny pink lady to bring him more toys.  Tough life.

My parents live out of city limits and more in the country than us city folk. I got up early to run (like usual), but instead of seeing the same houses over and over, I saw this:
It takes them about 30 minutes to drive anywhere in town, which to me would be annoying. But then when you are out there and there are no cars that whiz by, no sirens in the middle of the day, and no crazy neighbors (whole other story for ya there), you realize how quiet and relaxing the country really is.

Saturday was a day with Papa. We woke up and ran together and then went to Starbucks for some Pumpkin Spice Latte (or as most people call it Punkin Spice) and then went to the plant nursery to run around and get some things for the yard which wore the little lady out for most of the day.
On Sunday after church my nephew Isaac came home with us to play with Izzy, which is probably the cutest thing in the world to see. He is a BIG kid for his age, but when he plays with Isabelle, he becomes a gentle giant. They played tag together, hide and seek and laughed at each others funny faces. Isabelle is an independent woman that doesn't love to hold hands with anyone, but she doesn't  mind loving on her cousin.

How stinkin cute are they? Yeah, melts my heart every time.


katie said...

I love the picture of Isabelle sleeping in her car seat...super cute. We'd could easy get together and chit chat about crazy neighbors!

katie said...

Oops...we could (note to self:proof)

Laura said...

I have nightmares about putting our house on the market with a baby and 3 car will look the same! Ha!

That last picture is priceless!