Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're Expecting....

a Lululemon here in town!!

What did you think I meant by we're expecting?

That's right. God's gift to workout gear is coming to Oklahoma which means two things: I am going to be so happy when I'm working out (oh, who am I kidding? I live in workout gear. I seriously wear it every day. It makes me feel like I'm a workout-aholic/ supermom when in reality, I'm just lazy and hate getting dressed. Sue me.) and I'm going to be so poor. If you have walked in the store you would realize that the stuff is not cheap. By not cheap I mean like $60 buckaroos for a tank top.

 Now I am no snob when it comes to fashion. I usually only wear stuff from Forever 21 and Target (even though I think I am aging out of Forever 21. A t-shirt that says, "Your boyfriend thinks I'm cute." is not cute on a married lady with a baby) but when I was preggo I drank the Lululemonade and never went back to cheap workout gear.

The stuff doesn't rub, doesn't stink after you wear it, fits a little long so you don't feel like your jiggling out everywhere, and has little frilly feminine touches on it so you don't feel like a butch lady when you're working out.

This Tonya Harding doesn't need a crowbar. Maybe some Lululemon would make her feel pretty though...just a thought.

Geez Anna. You seriously should try to clean yourself up a bit.
I would post a picture of me wearing the gear, but posting a picture of myself right underneath a Kournikova picture just sounds dumb.

You know what's not dumb though?? Pictures of my little monkey going for a jog. Kournikova's got nothing on her.

Don't worry about it, she's staying hydrated.

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Karen said...

You are so funny! I used to wear work out gear all the time because I am that lazy and it was better than wearing pajamas to drop the kids off at school. Then one day, a mom asked if we could work out together... I had to explain that I don't work out, ever, but we can totally hang out at a coffee shop.