Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So What! Wednesday

Come on already, join me in some So what! Wednesday at Life After I "Dew". It helps to get some stuff off your chest and read other people with some freaky quirky tendencies that we have all grown to love, or at least be okay with.

So what if:
-Pinterest has become my new Facebook. I no longer care that "my baby ate peas! Here look at this picture of him with green poop on his shirt!" These posts seem to flood my facebook feed and nowadays I now would rather stalk people's recipe's and style.

-I have about 1402394098niner recipe pins on Pinterest and I have made 1. That one was delicious though. Lemon muddy buddies you have my heart. And don't make me feel as guilty eating a stick of butter because you taste fresh and healthy!

-I'm dying for fall to get here so I can wear boots and tights. That's my favorite attire. Until Spring comes, and then I crave flip flops and shorts again.

-If I picked Isabelle's Halloween costume MONTHS ago. I picked her first halloween costume before I even knew she was a girl...and it was glorious.

Lobster Anyone? Am I right or am I right...There is nothing cuter than kids in costume. Or men dressed as chefs.


Carrin said...

I do the same thing with Pinterest! I have so many recipes and have also only made one but it was a complete FAIL! Everyone hated it but it looked so yummy in the picture ;)

Shannon Dew said...

OMG I am the same way! I don't get on FB very much anymore, I'm sort of over it. But Pinterest, that's where it's at!

katie said...

Halloween is on my brain too. The pic is hilarious!

Karen said...

You are too funny! I laughed when I read you made 1 recipe out of the 1402394098niner pins. I'm with you on the boots and jeans... until it's time for shorts and flip flops. Love her Halloween costume!!