Friday, September 16, 2011

Wild Weather

This week has been quite the week here in Oklahoma for weather. When we woke up on Monday and Tuesday, our city looked like it was on fire. The news told us not to panic, but a controlled fire 100 miles away was causing all of the smoke that was laying over our city. Since the air was so still and dry, it was perfect conditions for the smoke to just rest over our city. It was so freaky looking!

It was 102 on Monday and 104 on Tuesday which made for another day where we thought the summer was never going to end. Then Thursday happened. There was a high of 60 degrees, but if felt colder than that because it was drizzling and cloudy all day. When you drop 40 degrees in less than 48 hours your body feels like you are playing a practical joke. I immediately get tired and achy feeling. I HATE the drastic change in weather, but I'm pretty sure that's just one of the ol' perks of livin' in the A-OK state.

Our Fall/Winter attire that we pulled out to play outside
Isabelle loves the weather because our dogs have this extra little kick of energy so they spring around the yard like their tails are on fire. She loooves that.
Sad part about selling your house during this time of year....I can't decorate my house in Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas stuff! How depressing is that?!?! I just realized it when I went into Hobby Lobby yesterday to find their festive things out. I was so close to buying some and then realized that I would only be able to buy it and put it in storage. I know that when Christmas comes, I will not be able to resist decorating, but hopefully by then we will have our house sold. Any lookers?

Have a good weekend! 

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