Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What she's into

I am a little behind in this, but I love the idea of keeping a record of everything Isabelle is "into" at a year old. I tried to do this in her baby book and I lasted 3 months. Mother of the year right here! So, this is going to be a baby book for her. The best baby book ever...because honestly, who cares about the first haircut? Oh, you do? Well sorry, but my baby rocks a mullet so we don't need haircuts.

One Year

Dora the Explorer
Eating breakfast as soon as she wakes up
Pushing her car up and down our driveway
Puppies. Any kind of dog get's this girl screaming
Her baby sign (she'll wear you out with "more" and "all done")
Fake laughing
Fake crying
Mommy's earrings "Pretties"
Chugging Gatorade
Seeing Daddy's truck come home
Picking up sticks
Anything her cousins do
Waving "HI" and "BYE"
Bath time
Reading books while sitting on mommy or daddy's lap
Playing fetch
Her Pacifier "Nuk"
Going to the park
Yogurt night
Looking at herself in the mirror (Such a girl)
Picking flowers for mommy

Not so much Loves:
Getting out of the bath
Diaper changes
Changing clothes
Someone bothering her when she's pooping (Who does like that though?)
Any loud noises 
"The Map" from Dora the Explorer
Coming inside after being outside
Riding in the car
Nap time/ bed time
Being rushed (her and her daddy live on "Texas time")
Random people that try and pick her up

It's amazing to me how quickly her preferences can change and it's weird to think that in a few short months she will "Love" something else and "not really love" something that she likes now. Sad, but I guess it would be weird if she went to college watching Dora the Explorer with her pacifier and still wanted to sit on mom and dads lap to read a book. (I'm not going to lie though, I wouldn't be sad about that last part).


Whitney Ellen said...

"My baby rocks a mullet..." - You might be my hero! ;)
Seriously, she's so darn cute!

Erin said...

I'm so bad at baby books too! But that's why we blog, right?

katie said...

She is so cute! I gave up baby books, too. I don't think I even bought one for my 3rd boy.

kinze said...

aw love how your just REAL in this post :) and i agree with erin .. baby books are for the birds ... we blog these days!