Monday, September 12, 2011

We're baaack!

We survived....well I had no doubts that Isabelle would survive, but Mr. T and I made it 5 days without our little girl and it was a LOT tougher than I thought. Mr. T has been away from her before (someone's gotta work around this joint!), but I had not. I had visions of cleaning the house, cooking, running errands, sleeping, running on my own, etc. Well that was fun for about an afternoon and then I missed my sidekick! She had a blast with her "BopBop" and "JuJu" so that made it easier for me, plus they sent me pictures and videos whenever they could....honestly what did we do before smart phones? Talk on the phone?? That's just weird.

My girl in her new running shoes...Mama's proud!
Isabelle and "JuJu" going shopping. I don't know who's more excited.
So guess what I did this morning???
Out of guesses?
Registered for THE Boston Marathon! My qualifying time is 3:19, so hopefully I will get in. I hear back from them soon, so keep your fingers and toes crossed....if you're a runner, keep your black, blistered toes crossed for me! The race is in April, so I will start my training for it in January which could be interesting with the Oklahoma winters. Last year I trained for the marathon at the same time and it was pretty awesome minus the two weeks that I was snowed in the house. The sucky part of running a marathon in April is that the weather can be perfect or awful. Last year I trained in cold weather and then race day was 80 degrees! It was honestly the worst I ever felt in a I pray for ANYTHING better than that!

Sorry for the random post, but I'm living off 3 hours of sleep. For some reason I have been sleeping terribly!
But tomorrow I am doing a review for something that I use ALL THE TIME! Be will change your life. Or it won't, either way it'll be a good read. So come back.

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katie said...

5 days is long, but it looks like she was having a blast! Good luck with qualifying!