Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What! Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shannon over at Life after I "Dew" for a little So what! Wednesday. If you haven't linked up, you should. It makes you feel better about the randomness that goes on in your life.

So what if:
-I have read 5 of the Harry Potter's in a little over a month. I have yet to see any of the movies because I love the books so much and I don't want to be disappointed in how crappy the movie is.(ex: The Help, The Twilight series, and any John Grisham novel. Not an Example: Water for Elephants. Loved the book. Loved the movie).

-I love Teen Mom and I am really pulling for Catelynn and Tyler make it. They're really cute to me. What's not cute to me? Ferris' attitude.

-Since I found out I got into the Boston Marathon I have basically quit running. I know that training is going to be a bia in January so I am kind of saving up for that. Plus is really dark early in the mornings and I get scared!

-I chuckle a little each time someone writes on my wall or sends me a message on Facebook, but then when we see each other in real life we avoid each other like the plague. Is it just me or has Facebook made social interaction awkward. "Hi! What are you doing nowadays? Oh you're moving? yeah I knew that from Facebook. Oh you've had a baby?! Yeah, I saw that on Facebook too." Basically there is no point in catching up anymore because we're all already caught up with everyone from Facebook.

-I get really annoyed when couples post gushy stuff on each others Facebook walls. If you love each other keep that stuff private. If you are so "in love" then you probably have their phone number. Call them. Or text them if social interaction makes you awkward because of Facebook.

-If Mr. T and I watch old episodes of Friends (obviously they're old, Duh!) and still laugh out loud at them. I can recite most of the lines, but they are still hilarious to me. Oh, Chandler Bing, you get me every time!


shannon dew said...

Oh I love me some Teen Mom!!! Cate & Ty melt my heart. They are so dang cute!

Whitney Ellen said...

hahah! I HATE when people are all "omg i love you so much, last night was the best!!!". What IS that?!

katie said...

I am sooo glad you spoke up on the love declaring chat on FB...gross.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love teen mom however I love Maci and Ky together how adorable.... and I also like cate n ty as well :)