Friday, September 2, 2011

It's that time of year again!

If you're a runner here in Oklahoma, this time of year means you are either getting ready for the Tulsa Run 15k or the Route 66 half marathon/ marathon. I am in no shape for a marathon, so I am in training for the Tulsa Run, which is a huge race here! My dad has run EVERY Tulsa run since the beginning of time and my mom has as well. The only one she missed was because she was 8 months pregnant with me. I think she still holds that against me when my dad boasts that he's run every single one. Sorry mom, I too was busy growing limbs to worry about your race schedule!  My parents are crazy. Mr. T reminds me daily often that I am just like that. I'll take it.
So now I am in training to race for 9 miles. My goal is to run it under one hour so that takes some training on my part and some early morning runs to beat the heat. Lately, the sun hasn't been coming up until 6:45, so that means I run in the dark and it creeps me out. Dang you Criminal Minds! Mr. T. forbids me to watch that show anymore because I have nightmares and weird/creepy thoughts throughout the day. I always run with my phone, pepper spray and one of our big dogs. I would say I'm pretty cautious, but I still get freaked out until the sun comes up.
This week I ran about 35 miles total and did two workouts. Mr. T and I ran in our hilly neighborhood pushing the baby jogger. We switch off pushing every two miles. IT IS FREAKING HARD! Have you read the story of the dad that pushes his grown son in marathons? If you haven't bring out the tissues and read HERE.

I am not quite like that, I am more like this:
I wish I could run like a crab.

I'm going to apply for the Boston Marathon in a few weeks....I can't believe I am saying that! Holy crapola that's a huge race. Like the most prestigious in the world!  I ran a qualifying time in the Nashville Marathon, but Boston is making their standards tougher, so here's to hoping I get in. If I do get in, then I start training in January. Crab Run here I come! 
Boston has been on my bucket list for a while. Remember when I said my parents were crazy? How crazy you ask? Well, my mom found out she was preggo with me AFTER she ran the Boston Marathon (she's wicked fast) and she couldn't recover. So technically I ran the marathon when I was just a little peanut. My sister also likes to remind me how my mom cried and cried when she found out she was pregnant with me. Thanks sis....and mom. Rude.

This weekend we are also going to Ft. Worth Texas for my brother in law's manly baby shower. They are doing poker and a fantasy football draft. That actually sounds more fun to me than "guess what candy bar is melted in the diaper." How is it that a man shower is less disgusting than a woman's shower? We are going to do a labor day 5k down there, so hopefully it's not a million degrees. We are also going to say goodbye to Isabelle for 4 days as she goes to her grandma and grandpa's house in west Texas without us. That's right...without us. The longest time I have been away from her has been for 1 night. PAAAARTY! I will miss her, but I know she'll have a blast. Mr. T and I are planning on going out to dinner every night and watching the TV loud and sleeping in. I am going to run errands and clean the house and...
Oh who am I kidding? I am going to cry like a baby every night aren't I?
How could I not miss this little monkey?


Carrin said...

That sounds hella crasy if you ask me! I can't believe I'm saying this but I really want to be a runner. I just don't know the right way to go about starting. Actually just doing it I suppose would be the way to go ;) Right now I'm just a walker (3 miles a day) so I guess that's something.
Good luck to you!

Amy Lavender said...

Good luck on qualifying for Boston! That is definitely on my bucket list too, but I should probably get through my first half marathon first!

katie said...

Have the best time together and good luck with the run!