Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We came to party

Here is Isabelle's BIG reveal (can you hear my Oprah voice in your head?) of her Halloween costume.

Now before you get all "oh my gosh she kept that wig on?! That's amazing!" I can tell you she didn't. This picture was taken by a two person team. Mr. T had the camera and I was wearing my distracting game face. I was pumping her full of animal crakers (her favorite thing to eat in the world. Sister picked animal crackers over Snickers! Rookie mistake) and yelling, "Look at the airplanes! Look Isabelle! Airplanes". We snapped about 100 pictures of her doing this same pose during a 30 second window. When she realized what was happening, the wig went flying and the backpack fell to the ground. We got a picture. That's all that matters.

So we went Trick or Treating dressed as Minnie Mouse because without the wig and backpack, she just looks like a bad episode of Toddlers and Tiaras with her short little shorts on and her sassy attitude.

A year ago we were to the Aquarium to "Trick or Treat" with our 2 1/2 month old baby dressed as a Lobster.

I just can't get enough of this picture

 This year
This year, we have a 14 month old that wanted nothing to do with Trick or Treating, she only wanted to dance. There was a DJ, a dance floor and lights at the Aquarium and Isabelle was in HEAVEN. We continued to try and coax her away to get some candy (even though she doesn't eat candy...I guess I'll get a few cavities for her. I'm what you call a team player) but she continued to sprint back to the dance floor to get her groove on.
                      Minnie also decided that she wanted nothing to do with her ears

                              She did however want everything to do with her cousin Allie's hat. She would put it on when we took it off and and then get mad when we would put the hat back on Allie. Girls, jealousy starts already?!

                                            Allie chasing Isabelle to get her hat back

                                                                    She came to party.

        The glowstick makes her look like a tiny ringmaster

The pics are a tad blurry. Have you tried taking pictures of a sprinting toddler? Not easy. 

The DJ told us, she was his favorite because she was the only kid that was more into the music rather than the candy. I have a feeling that will change over time, but if not then we know that her love of a good party came naturally to her at a young age.


Karen said...

such a cutie!

Erin said...

DORA! HA! That is a great costume, even though you had to change back into minnie. Glad she was at least enjoyed being a dancin machine!

Bethany said...

I am obsessed with the way you dress her! You are a kindred should from far away! : ) Can't wait until my little lady is old enough to dress THAT cute!