Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adoption Update:

I promise to not leave you out of the loop on our life story. Lot's of stuff is going on around here with our adoption and we just left one of the most depressing meetings I have ever been a part of.
Today, Mr. T and I went downtown to meet with out sweet adoption worker to look through a book of children that were up for adoption this month through the Department of Human Services (DHS). Each name comes with a sweet picture and a short history of that child's likes, dislikes, siblings, and why they were taken into DHS custody.
Every kid is adorable and every kid is "normal".
But we did not see our child.
I looked at the beautiful faces and heard the tragic life stories and I just wanted to scream. I wish I could give every one of them the home that they needed, but I can't. I am constantly praying for clarity to "know" which child is mine and I have not had that yet.
I am not patient.
I know that this process will teach me to be patient and also teach me about the brokenness of the world.
I know that our child will most likely need counseling or special doctor's visits, but I want to be the one to hold their hand during that process.
I know that this is going to be a long process and I told myself to brace for that, but every time I see a smiling face in one of those books, it gets harder. It gets harder to wait for my child.
We are also thinking about going through a Crisis Pregnancy group, where pregnant mothers would choose us to be the parents of their unborn child. I don't know if that is the road we are going to take, but it is now on the table.
So we will continue to wait and pray for clarity and guidance throughout this process.
But as of right now, we have no news.

Thank you again for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.
They really do mean the world.


Jen Grantham said...

What a long tiring process. I hope you find your perfect fit soon. Hugs.

Stephanie said...

I hope the process speeds up for you. I know that it's hard to turn away from those children and their pictures but I believe 100% that when you find the perfect one, you will know right away. There will be no doubt.

momFITtingitallin said...

I love to read your posts. I have an adopted child and he "found" us. I didn't see a picture, I didn't know he was a he until we held him in our arms. So open your heart and eyes to the child finding you not the other way around. The child that picks you might already be in that book. When we adopted we HAD no conditions other then we didn't want the mother to be a drug addict. Other then that sex, race, age everything was open! Open your minds and the baby will find you! I can't wait to hear more about your wonderful (sometimes) long journey yet so rewarding!


Bethany said...

thanks for sharing. I pray you find your's! Patience is so hard, but I'm sure you will be so blessed.