Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Happening...

My baby is growing up. This Saturday will mark the day that she made her dramatic appearance into the world. The day that my heart exploded with love. The day that prematurely aged me. The day that made me a mother.

Every. Single. Day. She makes me laugh and teaches me something new.
Right now she is in this hilarious stage where all she wants to do is sing, dance and listen to music. Since I listen to country music, most of her favorite songs are country and a tad bit inappropriate for someone her age. Her all time favorite song is Eric Church's Springsteen, which if you've missed her rendition, then click HERE. The other songs that she (honestly) knows just about every word to is Dierks Bentley's "5150", and Little Big Town's "Pontoon" (even though she only loves the part where they say..."Mmmm motorboatin'." Seriously, please don't judge me. Kid music gives me a headache, but I am now trying to switch).  Just be glad it's not gangsta rap.

She is a mimic bird, which can be very dangerous territory for an ol' sinner like me. I am trying hard to watch what I say, but those little ears seem to pick up on all the juicy stuff!

She has a strong love for people. She gets alarmed when someone is in distress and the best way to get some cuddles out of her is to act like you're sad. She's a sucker for sadness. She wants to bring a smile to your face and make you feel loved.
I hope that never changes.

She is a lover of all creatures. This is also scary to me, because she wants to pick up and pet all sorts of things that are disgusting to me. Cicadas, turtles, frogs and worst of all....cats. I try not to push my weird fears on her, but it's hard to act like cicadas are cute. It's actually impossible for me.
She has no fear of dogs, especially big dogs. Since she has two HUGE dogs that she loves to boss around (and they love to be bossed around by her) she assumes all big dogs are gentle giants. I am trying to teach her to hesitate a little before running up to strange dogs yelling, "ooohhh soo cute!" but I usually am also practicing not doing the same thing.

She is adventurous, yet cautious. She loves to try new things (without any her and she WILL yell at you to "go back!") yet she understands danger and won't push her boundaries. Many times this leaves me looking like the idiot mom at the park that isn't paying attention to their child, but I assure the pushy moms that indeed I am paying attention. My child is just really independent (and their child is just really lame. I don't say that, but often times I feel that...and if I did say that, Mr. T would be super mad at me so I practice keeping my mouth closed).
My little future olympian.
She understands danger and doesn't want ANYONE to get into it. That includes our house painter. While he was on a tall ladder, she told him he was "high in the sky" and to "be careful or you'll fall and hurt your head". He didn't understand TONS of English, let alone toddler-english or else he would have thought it was cute. He just thought I had a bossy child.

She is my little buddy and I can't believe I am fortunate enough to call her my daughter. She brightens my world and I can't believe she has already been here for almost two years! I feel like my parents when I say, "Time flies", but it does. And it's really true that time flies when you're having fun (and not sleeping much).

So Happy Birthday week Isabelle! I love you!


Jen Grantham said...

Worst of all cats?! I'll forgive you that statement because you mentioned gangsta rap. She sounds like an amazing little angel! Congrats on raising such an awesome girl.

PS: When you said "It's Happening..." I thought surely it was the adoption. lol

Stephanie said...

I thought that same thing about "It's Happening". And she is adorable. I enjoy hearing stories about her and watching her grow.

Laura said...

This age is so much fun! They really are little sponges and repeat EVERY SINGLE THING. We are really having to watch what we say too!