Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching up

Let me catch you up on a little shin dig we had over here. If you hate looking at kids having a blast at birthday parties, then you don't have to look. Just don't kick a puppy before you leave...grouch.
Last weekend we celebrated Isabelle's second birthday party (hence why I only blogged a couple times last week...sugar hangover). This year was a lot of fun, because she actually knew what was going on and we actually knew what to do to make her day special.
All her family came in town and gave her lots of extra attention, which made her really happy but really demanding (We let her slide with it since it was her birthday and all).
We started the morning off with some bagels and chocolate milk before we headed to get some pedicures.
Sister, loves her some painted nails and finger nails.
However, she does not love random nail ladies picking her up and taking her away to get her nails painted.
We settled with doing her nails on mommy's lap while aunt Kelli held her other hand.
 My child in a nutshell: perfectly manicured nails with skinned up knees.
Just the way I like it.

This year, we decided to keep the party pretty low key and just invite family and grill out. It turned out to be the perfect plan since our family has gotten so big over the days. Plus, she got a TON of presents and she LOVED every single one of them. I think if we had invited friends over, a lot of the presents would have gotten pitched to the side and that always makes an awkward moment for the parents of the ungrateful child...never the child.
Isabelle had a blast at the party, but she also brought me down back down to earth after I realized that her favorite things about the party were the cheap 10 cent bracelets, ice and her cousins.

 But then again, cousins hit.
 And steal your "favorite" chair (even if you haven't sat in it in months).

But in true family parties, there are always tears followed by hugs and kisses.
 Her baby cousin came all the way up from Texas to celebrate Isabelle's big day...she's super happy because he doesn't steal toys. And he let's her pinch his cheeks.

 Very natural family poses.
We let Isabelle decide her theme of her party and in true Isabelle form, she chose Dora, Thomas the Train and jewelry. I was lucky enough to be able to choose her cake for her and I got a little sentimental as I passed down the "Barbie Cake" tradition to her. Since my first birthday, my mother has gotten me a very special Barbie Cake from a little bakery here in Tulsa. Every year I looked forward to playing with my new doll as soon as all my friends and I ate her cake dress. When I graduated college, my mom even surprised me with a Barbie cake in a cap and gown in Jayhawk colors. After having a child, I thought it was finally time to pass the tradition down and I couldn't have ever imagined that my daughter would love it just as much as I did.
Our wild, little family (don't worry...Mr. T doesn't always smile like that. Isabelle on the other hand, usually does).
We had a great time celebrating and I am excited for all that this year has in store for my little lady as she continues to love and learn all that is around her.
And now a picture to share at her high school graduation:
 You're welcome.


Ashley said...

ADORABLE...her little dress is so cute and it looked like the perfet birthday party! You look amazing and I love that outfit!

Stephanie said...

My favorite pictures are the ones of her crying... maybe it's because I'm not a parent just yet and I've never had to deal with this meltdowns but I love a child mid-cry. It melts my heart. Remind me of this in a few months when I'm ripping my hair out because Connor won't stop crying. I hope she enjoyed her birthday - I love her dress!

Joii C. said...

Melissa, can I just say you picked out the cutest birthday outfit ever. She looks like a tiny fashionista. :-)

Danielle Huddleston said...

Looks like a fun girly day! She is so adorable!

Jen Grantham said...

What a fun party! She is so cute with her mani pedi and skinned knee. Thank you for sharing the special day with us.