Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Friday

Baby's asleep, Popsicles are slushy and Olympic Track and Field is on...It's a perfect Friday afternoon.
I am loving that we finally have cable and I can finally kiss my free time away as I watch all of the amazing athletes compete for the Golds. I have especially loved watching swimming and gymnastics. Michael Phelp's amazes me and continues to amaze me that he has only been training for London for 9 months! What a machine! I am a Phelps fan and not really a Lochte fan...I know I'm probably the only woman in America that isn't a Lochte fan. I don't know why, but Michael makes me heart smile (not in a lovie dovie way, but in a "wow, he's an amazing specimen" kind of way).

You know who makes my heart jump with glee and brings tears to my eyes? Gabby Douglas.
How adorable is this little doll?!
And the fact that her mom is constantly smiling or in tears makes my momma heart so proud. Did you hear her interview after winning the gold?
"Hard days are the best, cause that's when champions are made."----"All the glory goes up to Him and the blessings come down on me."---Gabby Douglas.
What sixteen year old says something so mature and amazing?
The flying squirrel does.

So here's to the Olympics! Wishing they were constantly in the news and took the headlines over more often, replacing The Kardashian and Lohan's of the world.

Now, excuse me while I get myself all pumped up for Track and Field.


Jen Grantham said...

Oh, lady, you are NOT the only one who is not a Lochte fan. I am not a fan myself. I adore Gabby!! Enjoy your relaxation time. You certainly deserve it.

basebell6 said...

i actually can't stand lochte or phelps! yes phelps is a beast of an athlete but i'm not a super fan or anything. my fav this olympics so far is probably missy franklin! and i like gabby too.