Sunday, August 12, 2012

{We are Family}

This week we got to hang with my neice all week while my brother and his wife were out of the country and we had such a blast.
Isabelle and her cousin are only two and a half months apart, but are complete and total opposites. Because of their differences, they are hysterical to watch together and remind me so much of Lucy and Ethel.
Isabelle showed her the ropes in our new house, and also taught her how to let her hair down a little (so to speak. They both have tiny mullets, so letting their "hair down" is impossible).
My niece is the youngest child of 5, so she is used to just going with the flow and she doesn't really EVER throw a fit for ANYTHING.
Isabelle is a tad bit different.
She is used to talking like a little adult and getting her way whenever possible. She doesn't have to share toys or time. She runs the ship.
This week they both learned a little bit about each others personalities and how to get along with someone that is a little different then you.
There is no better person to teach you that little lesson than a family member, right?

They taught one another to take turns and how to make the toy that they were on look cooler than the toy that the other one was on.
(and also how to make their boy friends drive little pink cars).
  Izzy taught her cousin how much fun it is to sprint from room to room and race anything that was up for the challenge (daddy was out of town, so our goldendoodle and I were left with the races).
We took them to a pizza place/ arcade to let them watch their boy cousins lose their minds over all the amazing games to play.
 Izzy watched the go-carts at the arcade for about 10 minutes while screaming and cheering at the top of her lungs. She finally got quiet and just stared at the cars...I thought she was mesmerized by their speed....and then I smelled a terrible smell.
Potty training is coming soon my friends.

I also got a little more practice on having another young one around. Since we are adopting from the state, the chance that we get a baby are pretty slim. We will most likely get a child around Isabelle's age. It's a lot harder to load TWO car seats, pack two lunches, two diaper bags, clean two poopy diapers, two nap times and just deal with two separate personalities, but the girls loved having one another.
I loved watching their interactions and even though there was more "stuff", it was the good stuff.
Two different laughs, two different squeals of happiness and two separate girls loving on one another.
I am thrilled to welcome a new child into my home.
This week only got me even more excited.

Side bar: Today, the adoption workers of our state go into staff meetings to "choose" adoptive families for children in Oklahoma that need forever homes. Please pray for the families to find their children and the children to find their families (and that we are one of those families soon).


Jen Grantham said...

Oh, how exciting! I'm keeping everything crossed and sending oodles of prayers your way that you'll get your new lil' nugget asap.

Stephanie said...

My husband and I have always talked about having just one child. Lately, when asked when we would have another (I'm 30 weeks, cut me some slack!), he has mentioned adopting. I am totally open to the idea and think I would like a toddler.