Thursday, August 16, 2012

Instead of preparing for the birthday weekend...

I am looking at old pictures and videos that I have accumulated over the past two years of Isabelle's life. Birthday week is underway and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate this big day. I am by no means a "birthday" kinda gal. I usually let mine slip by and have never felt that the day was all that special. My mom always made my "big day" a big deal, but I always felt it was pretty insignificant. After having a baby, I now realize why. I think our children's birthdays should really celebrate the mothers, because after all, the mothers are the ones doing all the work on that "special day". The more kids you have the more "special days" you should get! And all God's mothers said, "Amen!"

Anyways, I am setting aside my selfish beliefs and making this day a good time for our little gal.
Lots of balloons will be blown, lots of Dora will appear and tons of cake and ice cream will be eaten. How could this day not be awesome?

My, oh my, how our lives have changed in this past two years. Two years ago I was a beached whale, today I have a drama queen daughter who loves to practice her facial expressions:

I see an Oscar in her near future.


Jen Grantham said...

Those expressions are priceless. Happy birthday, Isabelle!

Stephanie said...

The last one is my favorite picture of her so far! She is just too cute!

raisingrainbows said...

How cute are those last two pics!!!!

basebell6 said...

happy birthday! enjoy the weekend!