Monday, August 6, 2012

One to write home about.

We had our first weekend in our new house and it was glorious. No boxes, no moving, just us. Hanging out. Doing family time. Amazing I tell ya. We had a great time, but then tragedy struck.

The state of Oklahoma has been hot, which is not surprising since we are in Oklahoma and it is August. But we have been REALLY hot, like fire hot with little to NO rain. That equals a disaster for folks around here.
Many people lost their homes to wildfires over the weekend due to the drought and some idiot (yes, I can call people idiots...especially when they do idiotic things) threw a cigarette out their car window which caught the dry grass on fire.
Our town was not effected, but the eerie smoke did cover our state's sky. It was the creepiest thing I have seen in quite some time.
The view from our back yard at 3:00 pm on a day that should have been cloudless

So we did about all that we could do and said a prayer for the families affected and for the brave men and women who were fighting the fires and then we headed out for some sushi and a milkshake.
I am proud to say that I did convert my meat eating, gun slinging, Texas husband into eating "fancy" sushi. 
This little lady enjoyed sharing our milkshake the most. Yes, that's a milkshake in her hands. I won't tell you the calorie count. My belly will balloon if it hears how many are actually in it.

But all you healthy mama's out there don't you be worried! We get our exercise too! Izzy's Neena, my mom, is the fittest 60 year old you will ever meet. She's tiny and energetic like a little, loud, squirrel on crack and she bought my ALMOST 2 year old her first bike....correct, I said bike. For a two year old.

My little lady loves her new bike. Have you seen these KaZAM bikes? If not, research it, then go buy it. They're the cutest things I've ever seen, plus they're so great for coordination, body control and balance. And they come in bright pink.

She loves the bike because it means that we can spend even MORE time outside! Sister  seems to be immune to the insane heat. She can be dripping in sweat and I will STILL have to beg for her to come inside to cool off.

It is so nice to have our little family back together in OUR home. I am embracing this amazing phase of our life and soaking up every minute of my "baby" before she becomes a kid. On August 18th, I will no longer tell people how old my "baby" is in months, but in years.
Where did the time go?
What can I do to slow it down?


Jen Grantham said...

The smoke and sky were very eerie this weekend. The fires came within 1/4 mile from my good friend's home. So very scary. I'm so glad you all are enjoying your new home!! PS: no matter how old she gets, your daughter is one of the most adorable little girls ever.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

So sad for those who have lost their homes. This time of the year gets fire scary in CA too. Come Sept., we get winds and hot weather, which is not a good combo. Love the pink bike!

basebell6 said...

those fires are so scary! glad your immediate neighborhood wasn't affected but that sky was very "YIKES".

i've seen those balance bikes but can't seem to convince my husband to buy one. he tried to "make one" from a little bike he found in someone's trash but it is still too big for blaine.

your mom looks so young! i bet you get people thinking she's your sister! that happens to me and my mom :)

Melissa said...

How scary for your friends! Some of the stories I'm reading about are so sad! I can't imagine losing everything!
Thanks! I think Isabelle's pretty cute too, but I'm a tad biased:)

Melissa said...

You should definitely try and talk him into it....maybe for Blaine's birthday or something. Or talk a grandparent into it:)
Hahaaha! That's me in that picture, not my mom. So I'm glad you think I look so young:)