Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bucket List

Yesterday was one of those days that doesn't seem real. I went to bed thinking, "this day can't be real. I am going to wake up and it be a big dream." I was wrong. It was my reality. And my reality is awesome.

Why is it so awesome? Because I met one of my favorite celebrities that lives. I have been a fan since I was a kid and continue to be a fan. He is easily, the best country music star to live (in my eyes) and a born and raised resident of the good ol' state of Oklahoma. I saw him in concert a few times as a kid and then in 2006 in Kansas City and then again last year in Nashville. I was hoarse after both concerts for at least 3 days.
Yesterday, not only did I meet him, I met his awesome wife. Not only did I meet both of them, I was in their home. Just hanging out (sorta).
That's right folks, I met Mr. Garth Brooks and Mrs. Trisha Yearwood.

I know you are wondering if you are going to read about me stalking them in the news or something, but I assure you, I went to their house as an invited guest. My sister in law is a professional photographer and was hired to take their daughters senior pictures. I was "hired" by my sister in law to assist her after I begged and pleaded with her to take me. I will have you know that they are as nice as they seem. I didn't do anything embarassing and I didn't have a heart attack (though I did feel like my loud, fast heart beat could be heard throughout their gorgeous home), I just pretended like they were normal people. I did have to fight back the urge to start singing, "She's in love with the boy!! Hit it Trish!" Or my awesome version for "Shameless", but I managed to do it. They have done an amazing job raising a very humble, sweet, caring girl which made me love them even more.

Thank goodness there are still some people that are "celebrities" that don't get married 72 days so they can get a $20 million dollar paycheck and aren't constantly in the news for breaking the law. It makes me happy to feel like a kid again and have a "hero" again.  

So what I'm loving right now? Feeling like a kid again and having a hero. Only this time I appreciate my hero more for raising kids that love Jesus, love people and love their families.


Kimberlee Haag @ Enough Faith for Today said...

That is the most AMAZING story EVER! Congrats on holding your composure, don’t know if I could have done it ;)

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Wow! Thats awesome!!! JEALOUS! So glad you got to meet them & your sister let you go! :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I must admit I am super duper jealous....So glad though that you were able to meet them :) & that is so sweet of your sister n law :)

katie said...

Very cool! And good for you for keeping it together.