Thursday, November 3, 2011

A tad bit behind

I have noticed lately on Facebook and a few blogs that people are posting what they're thankful for during the month of November for Thanksgiving. I think that is such an awesome idea. Kelle Hampton is doing a "What I love right now" and I think that is an even better idea (I'm pretty sure Kelle is superwoman or something...she's amazing). 

So for the month of November, along with some of my other blog posts I am going to post about what I'm loving right now in my life. Some of the most awesome things in our life are the small things. The small things make the big things, yet we too quickly forget how great those small things really are.

I am loving right now how Isabelle is literally copying everything that I do. When I ask her to say a word she quickly throws out her best try. This can lead to "cat" sounding like "da da ma ma ca ca", or something in that sounds like Chinese, but she's still trying. And I still praise her.
 When I want a picture of her in her natural element (running), I simply run in one direction, while she chases after me, and then I spin around and sit on the ground so I can get a picture. That theory used to work. Now she chases after me and then when I am about to get a cute picture, she spins around and sits on the ground, just like her mama. It makes picture taking impossible, but it's oh so adorable every time she does it.

I know something simple as her copying me will quickly end. And then I will quickly forget about it. But, for now it's actually one of my most cherished memories.

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Bethany said...

OH my gosh! She is SO adorable!!!