Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Crazy Joy}

My family is on their way back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait! I love this time of year so much that I have officially started listening to Christmas music and I am going to Hobby Lobby today to get some things to make some Christmas decorations. Sure, it's Thanksgiving but honestly we all know Thanksgiving is like the opening ceremonies for Christmas. Warm your belly's and your hearts folks...the real deal is about to be here!

I have really enjoyed doing "What I'm loving right now" for the month of November so that I remember to take time for the small things that I am thankful for. Lately, Isabelle has been kicking/swinging her feet in her carseat (in a cute way, not a bratty way...even though she has kicked in a bratty way) and it's seriously the cutest thing. I honestly have a hard time not squeezing her face/cheeks because she's seriously that cute to me (is that just me that feels that urge sometimes? I also feel that way with dogs). 
Plus, she looks so old when she does it! We switched her carseat around because for some reason it just wasn't staying put when we had her rear facing. Since she has been forward facing, she thinks car rides are hilarious! 

Today I am doing a little Crazy Joy challenge. The challenge word is "Edge".
This picture was taken by Mr. T when he took Isabelle to Bass Pro Shop to kill some time after church (and he knows I refuse to go there with him...unless popcorn is involved. And a candle. Have you bought one of their candles?? They're amazing. I know, shocking. And off the subject). She apparently LOVED it and loved seeing the fish swim around so much that he had to stop her from just jumping in and joining them. She did not get this gene from me. I about jump clear out of the water when I see a fish...they're so ugly to me. But delicious.

That's Mr. T's fingers, holding Izzy by her skirt so she doesn't jump in. He's obviously so concerned with safety.  (seriously, where is the sarcastic font when you need it!?)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Katie said...

Izzy looks so big suddenly. Wow. I love her shoes in the last pic. Dressing girls must be sooo much fun. : )

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this week! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Make sure to enter to win a rosette necklace- today is the last day!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

LOVE her shoes in the last pic! Love your thought process on Thanksgiving.. lol, I think the same thing. :) Hope you guys have a great week!

Karen said...

I remember how excited my kids were when we switched them around in the car. Your daughter is such a cutie!!

Mirys said...

Hi Melissa!

The picture is colourfull and beautifull... and I LOVED the hand holding the dress ("just in case")! So real!!!

Kisses and blessings.
Mirys - another popcorn lover...
(from Brazil)