Monday, November 28, 2011

{Thanksgiving Recap}

After such a busy time being Thankful for all of our blessings, I am now including "time AWAY from our loved ones" as a blessing. Our weekend with family was awesome. We told lots of funny stories, played family football and kickball games, traveled, cooked, ate and barely slept. I would not have changed anything, except for the fact that I now look like a train hit me and the laundry is piled high above their baskets.
 Have you seen those signs that people hang in their house that says, "excuse the mess, we're making memories."? If that's true, then we are constantly making memories. The sign should also read, "excuse the mess and the grouchy mom, we're making memories." Because as we all know, when the fun stops, the work begins. We are currently trying to get Isabelle back on her schedule, I am trying to get dinner made, laundry caught up and the house back in order.

Isabelle's new infatuation...taking bows off of other girls. Including her cousin.
Bow Spotted. Bow Removed.
                         Bow replaced on the center of Allie's head. Isabelle is very proud.
 A little cousin cuddling time. She only cuddles with them.
                  Remember when I said Isabelle and her cousin Allie were opposites. Exhibit A: Allie falls asleep during the football game.
           Exhibit B: Isabelle makes tunnels out of peoples legs so she can run through them during the football game.

 And of course....this is what happens when your dad and grandpa dress you. You wear a pink Dallas cowboys jersey.

As you can see, our week was pretty hectic. Actually, it was completely hectic but completely worth it.


Kendra said...

haha! I love your comment "excuse the grouchy mom." Family time is the best!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Love your addition to the excuse the mess signs. So true, lol. LOVE her little turkey outfit. SO CUTE! Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving.