Monday, November 7, 2011

What's Shakin?

We are! That's right, Oklahoma had TWO earthquakes this weekend. The first one was Friday morning at 2am, which I missed because I had been in bed for 6 hours  just a bit because I'm crazy like that, and the second one was on Saturday night at 10:30 pm. It was a 4.9 and I completely felt it. I have been living in the Midwest all of my life so I have experienced some pretty wicked storms and I can safely say that I will take storms over earthquakes every day. They can sort of predict tornadoes, and big storms. Earthquakes just.... BAM. Not really a fan of surprises. In 2011 Oklahoma broke the records for the strongest earthquake here, hottest temperature, coldest temperature, snowfall, and highest winds.... Who wouldn't want to live in this fine state?

So you know how your from Oklahoma? When this is on your news and it's normal:
Honest mistake..

You know how else you know you're from Oklahoma? When you let your 14 month old do this:

 That's correct, she's driving. Now before you call me Britney Spears (which I totally wouldn't be offended by), please note that we were in my brothers neighborhood going about 5 miles an hour and we were going right down the street. We were taking family pictures and we wanted to get her in a good mood. Putting her in the car seat does not put her in a good mood. Driving cars does put her in a good mood.
She looks like she's going to take driving very seriously though. Thank goodness, soon she can chaperone me around. Since the day I turned 16 1/2, I hated driving. It was cool for about 6 months, but now I would rather read a book, be the car DJ or be the car lead singer (I prefer doing all three).

What I'm loving right now:
Bed Head. Baby mullet makes awesome bed head.

Thank you for all of the prayers and sweet words about selling our house..We had a great open house and we hope to hear more soon! You guys are the best! 

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