Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

It's that time of the week again! Time to get the things off my chest and link up with Shannon for a little So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying "So What!"
  • To the fact that I haven't painted my nails in three weeks and the nail polish is just slowly chipping off. I haven't removed any of it and I probably won't remove any of it until I decide on what to paint them again. Or I will just go for the "dirty, artsy" look. That's a look right?
  • When I do paint my nails, my left hand looks like I got a manicure while my right hand looks like I let Isabelle paint it. When people look at my hand I just nonchalantly hide my right hand.
  • I didn't watch my Jayhawks get spanked barely lose last night to Kentucky. I can't stand Kentucky (mainly because of my STRONG dislike for Ashley Judd and her STRONG love for UK) and I knew we would probably lose. Mr T and I have given up TV in the evenings for a bit and it's been nice to reconnect without it. Bow Chica Bow wow...I know, I know. Inappropriate. Whatevs.
  • If for our actual anniversary night, Mr. T and I went to Chili's with Isabelle. We celebrated our anniversary on Friday night because Monday seems like a lame day to celebrate anything other than the day being over. Isabelle gave us an anniversary present of pooping during dinner...and waking us up at 3:30 crying because she had pooped all over her crib. Isn't life romantic? Two years ago we were sitting on a beach, drinking champagne. Nowadays we are covered in poo, cleaning our daughter and her bed without being able to see because it's so dark and neither of us had on our glasses.
  • I think my heart is going to explode every time I see my two babies loving on one another. Her love for dogs makes me so stinkin happy.
  • This is so what I'm lovin right now.


katie said...

I'm loving that pic of your two babies!

Erika said...

Do you have a goldendoodle????? We want one so bad! Good for you for bringing sexy back instead of watching the boob tube! :) Happy Wednesday!

Gabrielle said...

That's such an adorable pic! I hope when I have my babies that they'll love our pup too!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

We have something in common! :) I can't stand UK either. I'm from Louisville, Kentucky but I am a die hard Louisville Cardinals fan. Which is Kentuckys biggest rival... ugh. I was so mad they won last night! lol. But omgsh, that picture of your babies is priceless! :)

Shelli Ryan said...

I hate UK too! My hubby is an obnoxious uk fan and I'm all about the cards. Love the picture of Isabelle and your pup!

Laura said...

You crack me up! Isn't funny how much life changes with a baby? I bet the poop all over her crib didn't even phase y'all. Ha!