Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday

Of course today is Wednesday, so of course I am linking up wtih Shannon for a little SWW.

This week I am saying SO WHAT if:
  • I know I am adequately caffeinated when my pee smells like coffee (TMI? Then you better stop reading now)
  • Sometimes my pee smells like Cheerio's, but I never eat Cheerios. Weird. How does this happen?
  • Every time I see a girl in one of those faux fur vests I call her Cruella DeVille (in my head of course...I'm not that brave), yet I think those vests are cute and I really want one.
  • The CMA's are tonight and I am the stupidly excited. I can't wait to see all my Okie's representing and now that we go to Nashville a lot, I feel like I know all the singers (I have stalked a few of their houses before. Normal, No?).
  • By far my favorite thing to watch are the singers performing in their awesome clothes. Carrie Underwood always looks GORGEOUS and she always shows off her pretty legs. I love a girl that shows some leg and covers the boobies (I can relate. My chest looks like my back).
  • I secretly want to be besties with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. He's hysterical, she's a Bad A and they have a lot of rescue animals on their farm in Oklahoma, plus he used to sport a mullet and I know someone who would appreciate that.


Carrin said...

I think Miranda & Blake would be so much fun to hang out with!
Carrie's legs....I would kill for those!
I love watching the country awards shows cuz they all look like they are having a blast, not taking themselves too seriously and the performaces are usually awesome!

Single Mama said...

I can't wait to see the CMA's too! I wish that I had Carrie's legs. I live in NC & work for a great airline - so I get to see the AI winner, Scott McCreedy a lot & he flew yesterday to go to the CMA's. I never watched AI but Ive become a fan of his because he's just a normal kid with an amazing voice :)

& you have a beautiful family :)

Shelli Ryan said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Isabelle and Kendall look close in age! I'm your newest follower!!