Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Friday

I'm loving right now how close Isabelle and her cousin Allie are in age. Right now they like each other, but I know as they continue to get older they will really love each other.
On Thursday my sister in law and I dropped Izzy and Allie off at the church daycare so we could attend a women's bible study. Both girls saw each other and were quickly comforted by one another. My sister in law told me this is the first time she has ever dropped Allie off and not left her hysterically crying. So either the Lord silenced her because he knew mama needed some quiet time or she just realized life with her cousin wasn't so scary. Can I get an Amen?!
They don't look like they are related at all. Izzy has darker skin with light brown hair and almost black eyes. Allie has pale white skin with black hair and baby blue eyes. Isabelle is outspoken, stubborn, and energetic. Since she became a walker, she hasn't stopped running. Allie is quiet, calm, easy going (she is 1 out of 5 kids), and she wants nothing to do with walking. It will be interesting to see how much they stay the same and how much they differ in the years to come.
                                 Izzy couldn't bear the idea of Allie having to eat all that cake all by herself!

The girls with their Nina. She's the best mom in the world. Don't argue with me...I'm always right.

You know what else I'm loving right now? This relaxing weekend coming up...Oh wait, never mind. We have to clean our house (and I mean really clean) for an open house on Sunday (please pray this house sells FAST. Mama's getting a tad sick of spit shining everything because we don't have enough time to get out the cleaning supplies), I have Christmas shopping to do at our Church Holiday Market, and we have decided that we are going to Oklahoma City (an hour and a half away) to visit Mr. T's mom and sister and then return Sunday afternoon for our family pictures. Someday I'll relax. Until then, I guess I just buckle up and hold on.

What are you loving right now?


katie said...

Praying for your house to sell FAST. I don't know how your doing it with a little in the house. I've been there and I know how much work it takes to keep everything in the ready to show mode. Hang in there!

Melissa said...

Thanks Katie! You are so sweet!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Too you I would say yes she is the best mom in the world but too me I would say my mom is hehe... But then again we all say that!Those two little ones are so adorable together & yes you are right they look nothing alike so I would have never guessed they were related.... I wish you look @ hopefully the house sells really soon!

Lori said...

i love this! i grew up with a TON of cousins around my age -- seriously around 7-- and we bonded so much. most of my memories revolve around them. your girl(s) are gorgeous and they will have an amazing friendship for years to come!